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Bastogne - Belgium

Bastogne is a Walloon municipality of Belgium located in the province of Luxembourg in the Ardennes. The municipality of Bastogne includes the old communes of Longvilly, Noville, Villers-la-Bonne-Eau, and Wardin

Bastogne has a lot to offer and for you to discover! At the heart of the Battle of the Bulge, Bastogne is proud of its museums and monuments. The reposing nature beckons you to amble along country trails and to discover the flora and fauna.  Bastogne is the place known for the Battle of the Bulges and called by Americans as the stronger battle of the WW II. Through a new area and new spaces, visit this part of the History.



Bastenaken (Dutch)
Bastenach (German)

The town is situated on a ridge in the Ardennes at an elevation of 1,670 ft (510 metres). Total Population of 15,580 as 1 January 2016). The municipality of Bastogne comprises five sections (Bastogne proper, Longvilly, Noville, Villers-la-Bonne-Eau, and Wardin) which were separate municipalities before a merger in 1977. Each contains a number of villages.

Bastogne_Cityscape_Flickr35250121616_6b3a88919f_c_Rudy Pické

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