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B-CS Sister Cities Exchange Program

A Sister Cities Exchange (youth and/or adult) program is a yearlong commitment for participants and their families. Approximately one to two weeks are spent in the exchange city and later our guests spend approximately one to two weeks in Bryan-College Station area and parts of Texas.


Applications are available for Bryan and College Station residents to apply. After interview, approximately ten high school students in grades 9 & 10 along with two adult sponsors are selected for youth trips.

Six to ten adults compose the adult trips. It is intended that half of the participants represent each city.


Sister Cities trips are self funded by all participants, but scholarships may be available. Costs include air travel to the foreign city, health insurance for the duration of the trip and a fund dedicated for activities when the foreigners visit Bryan/College Station.

After the selection is made, deposits are paid, and passports are secured (or renewed) for participants. Student participation in fund raisers and staffing of community events such as Worldfest is encouraged to help defray the costs. B-CS Sister Cities arranges airline tickets and travel details with the sister city of the destination.

Both students and adults are ambassadors representing Bryan and College Station abroad.  This unique opportunity fosters an understanding of global issues unlike any other.

What are the benefits?

While participating on an exchange program, students will benefit from a multitude of unique lifetime experiences which they might not have had in their native countries. Following are some of the top reasons why going on exchange is a worthwhile life experience!  

  • Understanding of other cultures while living with a host family;

  • Development of leadership skills;

  • Friendship among participants;

  • Opportunity to discover new places;

  • Competitive edge in today's global society.

Program goals

Promote cultural understanding and friendship among participants. 


Foster personal growth and self-confidence for students. 


Value & support each individual's participation. 


Educate and involve parents and students along with the respective communities. 

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