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Why should you donate to us? 

Our organization is run by volunteers; membership fees and donations.

Your donation will help to pay our organization’s dues, like adverstising expenses and costs of exchanges programs for students. 


Traveling abroad will give high school students better opportunities in the future, as well as an amazing personal experience. The work of our organization changes their lives. 

You can donate money to B-CS Sister Cities in three different ways: Membership fees, a one-time donation or a monthly donation.


Through our exchange programs, we hope to give students a once-in-a-lifetime experience abroad with their peers. However, for many students this is not financially possible. Your one-time donations may go towards supporting their trip.


If you choose to donate toward a student’s exchange, they will know you are their donor (unless you choose to remain anonymous). You will receive updates from the student; a thank you letter; and the opportunity to meet your scholarship designee.


Our monthly donation program allows you to provide ongoing support to B-CS Sister Cities.

How your donation can assist the Youth Exchange:
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