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Members of B-CS Sister Cities visit Bastogne, Belgium - our newest Sister City

In addition to visiting the Texas Aggies Go to War museum, a meeting was hosted at the town hall with educators from various public and private high schools in Bastogne to discuss the student exchanges facilitated by Sister Cities. The attendees expressed great interest in the program.

The exchanges for students coming to BCS SCI are typically held during the school year, at different times, with the students coming during a time that minimizes impact to their own school scheduling. The students are usually 15-17 years old. They are hosted by BCS families with matching students, with whom they attend school at least one day. The visits are week-long, sandwiched between two weekends.

Shown in the photo, from left to right, are: Dominique Lambert (INDSE), Véronique Geubel (ARBH), Marie Ceci (INDSE), Philippe Henrotte (ICET), Tom and Suzy Arnold (BCS SCI), Didier Culot (ICET), Sylvie Navarre (Henallux), Coralie Bonnet (City of Bastogne), and Thierry Chleide (Académie de Musique).

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