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Lyn M.

“I went to Greifswald Germany near the Baltic Sea. Before my trip, I attended many meetings that consisted of getting to know your trip mates. I was optimistic on how much fun I would have because I did not know anyone. I’m a shy person and so I didn’t know what it would be like. On the plane I did not know what to expect. Thirteen hours later I landed in Berlin. The family I was placed with was wonderful. I stayed for two weeks and visited many places there. I made many friends, American and German, which will last a lifetime. I came home with a new insight to life in another country and their culture has stuck. For example I still take off my shoes when I come in the house. I will always remember my two weeks in Griefswald, Germany.”


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“My trip to Germany was a chance of a lifetime. When it got close to leaving for Germany, I was nervous. It wasn’t that I had never been away from home; it was just that I had never gone out of the country. I was a little afraid of 9/11. I finally just chilled out and got my stuff straight and realized that things are okay. I just did not want to go back home. I had really become attached to my German friends and them to me. When I came back I was really excited, I couldn’t wait to tell my friends!!”

Cassandra K.
David S.

“I had the best summer of my life when I went to Greifswald, Germany. Although I had been to Europe before, this was my first time to go alone. What amazed me the most was how much like me everyone there was. We all liked music, sports and hanging out. I can’t wait to go back on my own, and see all my new friends again.”

“Greifswald was a great experience. I got a chance to learn about the people there and a chance to use the German I had learned in school. I am still in contact with some of them via e-mail. I intend to go back in 2 or 3 years and say hello to the people I met and see some more of the country.”

Blake B.
Crystal S.

“My trip to Griefswald, Germany was a lot fun! In the beginning I was very nervous about being away from my mom and being so far away from my hometown and, frankly, being so far away from America. When I got there and everyone was so polite. We went to school with the German kids and it was very different from American schools. They only go half a day and at noon they do sports! Sports of all kinds were very common in Griefswald, everybody was in them. After about two days you got settled in. The family I stayed with was a single mother and her two daughters. They were very kind and wonderful host. The girls are both coming to our house in April of 2003. I cried the last day I was there because I had to say goodbye to all these neat new people I had just meet. You don’t realize how attached and close you get to people you are living with in such a short time. I really loved it. You might think you have problems communicating with the Germans but you really don’t. I personally don’t know any German and I could carry on full conversations with just about anybody. I got lost because I wanted to go ride my bike around the city and see it by myself. I got done riding around and looking at all the old building and the sculptures that are around the city. I couldn’t find my way home and one of the girls I stayed with gave me her cell phone just in case I got lost so I could call her. Well I accidentally turned off the phone and you had to have a password to get into the service after it got turned off. I rode my bike around for a while and I finally got up the nerve to ask someone for directions. It just so happed that she knew English really well and that she had grown up in South Africa. She pointed me in the direction I needed to find my way home. I was so happy when I saw my family. It really does start to feel like family once you get there and start living with them. It was the best experience of my life. I write them all the time on the Internet and I miss them a lot. I would like to go back to Germany and stay with the same family when the next Sister City Program goes back to Germany, but this year we hope to go to Russia.”

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