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Holiday Reception with students from Sister City Salamanca-Mexico

We had such a great time and plenty of delicious food in our Holiday Reception for the Mexican students at the Easterwood Airport meeting room.

B-CS Sister Cities Association hosted from December 6th to 13th nine students from La Prepa School and the adult José Luís Centeno Tellez, “Responsable” (Head) of La Prepa.

La Prepa is a private school under the general auspices of the University of Guanajuato (UGTO) state-wide system. It is similar in intent and goals and students to Allen Academy. Most of their graduates go on to College. Guanajuato is both a state of Mexico and a city within that state. The state is usually abbreviated GTO. It is located about 150 miles to the northeast of Mexico City, in a region known as the Bajio, with altitudes ranging from 5,000-7,000 feet. The region accounts for nearly 25% of the GNP of Mexico. One of the Lions Clubs in Salamanca call themselves “Leones Corazon the Mexico”, or Heart of Mexico. It is virtually in the venter of Mexico.

The students and chaperones were “paired” with high school students from both College Station High School (CSHS) and Allen Academy. The schedule for the week included shadowing at CSHS/Allen, tour of Catalina hats and Stock Ranch, reception at Easterwood airport lounge, tour of Equestrian center and barns, basketball game at A&M, etc.

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