BCS Sister Cities 30th Anniversary Celebration and Awards Dinner

The website "The Eagle" noticed our Anniversary Celebration and Awards Dinner.

"The Bryan-College Station Sister Cities International Association had its 30th anniversary celebration and awards banquet on Oct. 29. The 2019 Global Impact Awards recognized three categories, demonstrating a positive global impact by promoting Bryan-College Station through cultural influences, commercial connections and educational initiatives. The awards were presented to Jim Mazurkiewicz with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service; StataCorp LLC; and Texas A&M Education Abroad." https://theeagle.com/brazos_life/our-neighbors-sister-cities-banquet/article_40d5ed48-0e3c-11ea-b764-4fd806e266ad.html

Check the photos of the event on our page. https://www.bcssistercities.org/bcs-sister-cities-30th-anniveversar

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